Training My Minecraft Ender Dragon!

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Training My Minecraft Ender Dragon! Taming an ENDER DRAGON in Minecraft is one of the hardest most impossible things to do in Minecraft! What would you train your ENDER DRAGON to do in Minecraft?

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Melvin Juma
Melvin Juma Pred 2 dnevi
Ohm my God and my family is in the process of cool people who are in. MINCRAFT
Daniele Felix Teixeira
Daniele Felix Teixeira Pred 6 dnevi
Hi f****
Madison Marinucci
Madison Marinucci Pred 8 dnevi
I HATE U 😓 u KIlled the Hourssss
Jerome Alviar
Jerome Alviar Pred 9 dnevi
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
Ewwwwww kissing
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
It's a mod I already know.
Jena Griffin
Jena Griffin Pred 13 dnevi
can you really tame an ender dragon like this? bc i know you can get the egg
Carson Samuels
Carson Samuels Pred 14 dnevi
Hahahahahaha misspelling
Carson Samuels
Carson Samuels Pred 14 dnevi
I kwebblrkop
Dominique Buttone
Dominique Buttone Pred 14 dnevi
I love your videos your videos are so cool
Ella Galve
Ella Galve Pred 15 dnevi
its a mod bruh
Brandon Emmanuel Sutedja
Brandon Emmanuel Sutedja Pred 18 dnevi
Did jordi sayed "mod"?
Spino Butchoy
Spino Butchoy Pred 20 dnevi
Theres no minecraft player miss a idle dragon
LynkPyrosis Pred 21 dnevom
The ender dragon is a she did you know?
Epic Baconhair
Epic Baconhair Pred 21 dnevom
Viridiana Aviles
Viridiana Aviles Pred 23 dnevi
Kop play Xbox
Cairo Espina
Cairo Espina Pred 25 dnevi
at the end................WOAH BLUR IT
Monmon Alejo
Monmon Alejo Pred 28 dnevi
Erwin Manuyag
Erwin Manuyag Pred 29 dnevi
Wow a mod!!
Chavis Tablet
Chavis Tablet Pred mesecem
J E Pred mesecem
sea-shell Pred mesecem
Ron Amp
Ron Amp Pred mesecem
You are A NOOB Kwebbelkop
Jonal Abejero
Jonal Abejero Pred mesecem
Tiger:ahh if yours a male and mines a female 🤔🤔😁😁 Kops:no tiger we can't do the dirty dirty Me:u can breed thim u fools no dirty dirty
A RK Pred mesecem
No no Don’t tuch me thar
No no Don’t tuch me thar Pred mesecem
You are the best
Nitz Olorvida
Nitz Olorvida Pred mesecem
did anyone hear "this is the coolest mod i mean the coolest thing in minecraft?
Hana Nakamura
Hana Nakamura Pred mesecem
I tired but is not working ☹️
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover Pred mesecem
Wait this is a mod I tried to do this 10 times and you did not tell me😡
jamirian Young
jamirian Young Pred mesecem
What do you think
jamirian Young
jamirian Young Pred mesecem
jamirian Young
jamirian Young Pred mesecem
jamirian Young
jamirian Young Pred mesecem
What did you think I think everybody would know about it already
Angelee Preciado
Angelee Preciado Pred mesecem
Is it a mod.🤔
Goran Žmuk
Goran Žmuk Pred mesecem
Bobi is my name
Leng Soo
Leng Soo Pred mesecem
there is no thing as a male enderdragon why because notch design it as a female
Leng Soo
Leng Soo Pred mesecem
did anyone know that the enderdragon is a female?
Moni Ahmed
Moni Ahmed Pred mesecem
I love kewebelkop and tiger channel!!❤❤❤
analyn Dela Vega
analyn Dela Vega Pred mesecem
Wow that's amazing i can do that
Ernesto Inay
Ernesto Inay Pred mesecem
Fake fake it's just a mod
abdurahimgaming Pred mesecem
Jordi: this is the best mod ever and then i mean the coolest thing in minecraft😂😂😂😂
Apple chan
Apple chan Pred mesecem
What the heck bro
Apple chan
Apple chan Pred mesecem
Do you know my name my name is Hayden bro yeah my name is Hayden and what's your name bro b**** Goofy
Apple chan
Apple chan Pred mesecem
You you're so goofy who are your name
Krystal Mckee
Krystal Mckee Pred mesecem
Did you just say gray a egg do you mean hatch
the stickman animator
the stickman animator Pred mesecem
is it REAL
kyle gamer
kyle gamer Pred mesecem
hiii im a fan please play with slogo and jelly with this mod please
V-gaminglegend Pred mesecem
Jordi is trying to cover the words said by him "the coolest mod"
Jaleel N Knight
Jaleel N Knight Pred mesecem
he said this is the coolest mod
Jaleel N Knight
Jaleel N Knight Pred mesecem
Mrs Sadia
Mrs Sadia Pred mesecem
yeah i saw it
Uriah Leal
Uriah Leal Pred mesecem
This is in og Minecraft
Nice Guy
Nice Guy Pred mesecem
How did Jordan has no xp but has diamonds
The Noob Gamer
The Noob Gamer Pred mesecem
How did you get 2 eggs.
Nadine Farrell
Nadine Farrell Pred mesecem
Look how many hearts the dragon has!
David Wu
David Wu Pred mesecem
I wish I had my ender dragon There are 436 comments
J E Pred mesecem
He's so fake he won't even admit it's a mod. Ur channel is going downhill jordi
Akeem Isaac
Akeem Isaac Pred mesecem
All of us know's its a mod
Daniel Cunniffe
Daniel Cunniffe Pred mesecem
Shivin Kalloe
Shivin Kalloe Pred mesecem
Is this a mod???
Rifqa Paka
Rifqa Paka Pred mesecem
Νικόλας Γεραντώνης
Νικόλας Γεραντώνης Pred mesecem
A video idea ender dragon vs ener dragon
monika rzepecka
monika rzepecka Pred mesecem
Kalus stole your costum car in GTA 5!!
Bessie Peppers
Bessie Peppers Pred mesecem
fly o my haha
Yshoda Shetty
Yshoda Shetty Pred mesecem
Who want that slogo jordi & jelly should play together then like these comment
Theee Lelan
Theee Lelan Pred mesecem
Ik miss the robust days😔
Okkaaj Pred mesecem
If u hit 15million subs can you pay all the old gamas like bng drive and happy wheels
Saeed Gaming
Saeed Gaming Pred mesecem
Does somebody think tiger is sneep
Ozichukwu Oguike
Ozichukwu Oguike Pred mesecem
tiger- thats my child jordy ike two sec,s ago- hatches egg first
Malik Watt
Malik Watt Pred mesecem
Your the best SLpostr I ever seen can I get a shout out
tamika watson
tamika watson Pred mesecem
It is a mod
tamika watson
tamika watson Pred mesecem
fathima ilhaam bajwa
fathima ilhaam bajwa Pred mesecem
Tiger:jordi isn't
fathima ilhaam bajwa
fathima ilhaam bajwa Pred mesecem
Jordi:no we not going to do the dirty dirty
iQueeneth Pred mesecem
Jordi is so inspiring, so much that he inspired my channel ❤
Seneca Kelly
Seneca Kelly Pred mesecem
play with jelly and slogo again
Seneca Kelly
Seneca Kelly Pred mesecem
why were u so mean to jelly and slogo in 2017
Siboleka Ne-yo
Siboleka Ne-yo Pred mesecem
Hey Jordi you a my favourite youtuber
LCD Crusty
LCD Crusty Pred mesecem
My dream is to be a decent content creator I pray that I accomplish my dream and for my parents I want them to be proud😢
Ateeq Pred mesecem
Jordi and tiger can u plzzzzz add a third member plzzz bc It will be easy for u guys to kill any boss and secret bosses
Sanyukta Singh
Sanyukta Singh Pred mesecem
Kwebbelop exposed
emilita mendoza
emilita mendoza Pred mesecem
my ender dragon and ice dragon and wind dragon and storm dragon and earth dragon and fire dragon pets are ready to figth admin guy
Chazcam Gaming
Chazcam Gaming Pred mesecem
Asking jordi to REJOIN ROBUST every day until he does Day 235
Ilike Beats
Ilike Beats Pred mesecem
ill join you’re adveture
Westsi Moloi
Westsi Moloi Pred mesecem
Right click? Like what click it on a spot 🤨
Nekhil gowrisankar
Nekhil gowrisankar Pred mesecem
1:13 did you see that he had two ender eggs
THE OCULUS DRAGON Yt Gd Pred mesecem
No were not gonna do the dirty dirty Me:😂comedy
Hashley Tajudin
Hashley Tajudin Pred mesecem
Jordi your dragon is a female tiger dragon is a male
Jayden Perez
Jayden Perez Pred mesecem
fire king plays
fire king plays Pred mesecem
Rip jelly and slogo. 2013-2019. Rip slogos channel. 2013-2020. Rip Ali a intro. 2017-2018. Rip gta with jelly. 2013-early2019. Rip gta customs with jelly. 2016-2018. Rip gta with slogo. 2013-2018 Rip gta customs with slogo. 2016-late2018s Rip jelly getting roasted video . 2018-2020. Rip slogo and jelly and kweblecop role plays. 2017-2018 Rip slogo jelly kweblecop minecraft in jelly hacked world. 2019-2019
BroCodesTV Pred mesecem
Kwebelkop when are u playing with slogo and jelly
toshi pogi
toshi pogi Pred mesecem
What's up guys , kweborkop hill
adam zebibo
adam zebibo Pred mesecem
Is it just me that i see an enderdragon egg in his Inventory at 0:57? Hit the like button if you see it
Prototype 2.0
Prototype 2.0 Pred 14 dnevi
Wtf this is scripted
Blue Jellyfish
Blue Jellyfish Pred mesecem
I haven't watch you like 3 months and you still didn't change ah I will say good bye again I'm gonna come back at 2021 hope to see you change
Suvansh Gakhar
Suvansh Gakhar Pred mesecem
His channel has been going downhill lately
Toxic insaan Sucks
Toxic insaan Sucks Pred mesecem
He has 13.5 million subs and only 150k views per day😮
Zee Boyyy
Zee Boyyy Pred mesecem
Can you play among us?
quarantine hacks
quarantine hacks Pred mesecem
Are you still in Amsterdam
Deemi ,
Deemi , Pred mesecem
mark ryan sembrano
mark ryan sembrano Pred mesecem
Can we talk i know that you made a secret under jelly castle
JerryGaming Pred mesecem
JK there great
Nicholas Marquez
Nicholas Marquez Pred mesecem
it was locked
Babylyn Cacao
Babylyn Cacao Pred mesecem
Ye its a mod kweb said it
wizz wazz
wizz wazz Pred mesecem
Why don't u play with jelly slogoman anymore
Agata Cristy Santiago
Agata Cristy Santiago Pred mesecem
jordi i reccomend you react to spongebob anime Ep.1 bubble bass
Sujay Vanigota
Sujay Vanigota Pred mesecem
you are inspiration of Mythpat 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Solomon Majhi
Solomon Majhi Pred mesecem
Is that a mod
Denim Moore
Denim Moore Pred mesecem
3:52 I saw you! That's messed up, man.
I_love_Ostrich Pred mesecem
I have that mod and I've got five dragons
Aubrey Ferrer
Aubrey Ferrer Pred mesecem
Aubrey Ferrer
Aubrey Ferrer Pred mesecem
stephen riley valenzuela
stephen riley valenzuela Pred mesecem
Me watching jelly slogoman and Crainer:me Where's. Kwebbelkop
Kryptex Gaming
Kryptex Gaming Pred mesecem
Who remember the josh jordi duos Only og remember Please jordi if you are reading this please bring back slug
Rudransh Singh
Rudransh Singh Pred mesecem
7:17 he said mod
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